Sara & Tom's Motorcycle Adventure Anniversary Session

We love everything about this anniversary session and are so excited to share it!

They don’t come much more badass or fun than Sara & Tom. You might recognize these two from their wedding photos we captured around this time last year. They were strangers to us before working together and over the last year and half, we’ve developed quite a friendship between the four of us! Relationships have quickly become one of the things we cherish most about our work as photographers. 

We have since found out that not only Tom, but Sara too, ride motorcycles together - how freaking cool is that! Their bikes are GORGEOUS. If you know the slightest bit about Geoff and I, you know we are obsessed with all things adventure mobiles. We have been secretly wanting to do a shoot with them and the bikes since their wedding day. An anniversary shoot was the perfect opportunity! 

A word on anniversary sessions… Geoff and I have been photographed together a number of time since getting married and it's such a different vibe than an engagement session or wedding day. There is another layer of connection, intimacy, and chemistry that (I believe) only comes after the hype of your wedding day has gone away and you’ve began to truly build your life/marriage together. That deserves to be documented. I highly recommend getting your love captured at all its different stages.