Tommy & Rachel's Mountain Engagement Session

Exciting times here at Geoff & Lyndsi Photography. One of our favorite humans is getting married and we can't shout it loud enough!! Tommy grew up in both the mountains and the beaches of Southern California. Although his home was in Mammoth, every summer his parents would drag him to Zuma beach, were he’d follow around/bug the older lifeguards, learn to body surf, catch seagulls and eventually become an ocean lifeguard.

Lyndsi and Tommy met in rookie school, an 8-week training academy hosted by the LA County Fire Department that is meant to prepare strong swimmers for a career as ocean lifeguards. That same year Tommy and I met while “sitting on the wall” at Zuma waiting to get hired. During the first year as a lifeguard, many days can go by “sitting on the wall” with no sign of work, so naturally, Tommy and I got into all kinds of creative beach endeavors, and a great friendship ensued.

Tommy and Rachel met years back at Zuma, a beach that holds great history and lineage for the two. Both their dads were ocean lifeguards on the same beach and Tommy and Rachel followed in their footsteps. Fast forward a few years, and this sweet duo have created a beautiful life together in the hills above Zuma; caring for their chickens and cat's, and tending to their garden. They will be our anniversary twins getting married this October and we couldn't be happier for them!

Now for their mountain getaway engagement session!

We decided on a special spot about 2 hours north that is both off the beaten track and right under (or should I say over) everyone’s nose. We loaded into Tommy’s all-wheel-drive Honda with beer, wine and a gaggle of “how’s life been” stories that had us dying of laughter. The shoot was so fun, with Tommy educating us on all the flora and me getting blown up by mosquitoes.

Tommy and Rachel have an intimate, heart-warming love that reminds us of the quiet moments when its just you and your best friend living out your best life.

We are so stoked for these two and cant wait for what the future holds!