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The Road: Oregon Edition

We've had a bit of traveling FOMO lately. 

The only solution to curing the insatiable Thornton travel fever is to go through photo archives. Its been a long while since we have shared any personal work/travels around here, so we are stoked to share our Oregon adventures from exactly one year ago this week!

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TravelLyndsi Thornton
26 Miles Across the Sea

Oh Catalina, a place that is so near and dear to hearts, I get warm and fuzzies just thinking about all our memories here. Geoff and I technically had our first "date" on the rock. And by date, I mean scuba diving, kayaking, hiking, and buffalo-milks galore! Hard to believe that special, three-day-date was over 5 years ago now. In any case, we are lucky to visit when we can!

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TravelMackenzie MModern
Mt. Pinos

A quick trip over 4th of July weekend to the highest point in Ventura County: Mt. Pinos at 8,800 ft. We escaped the heat at sea-level for some elevation hiking, cooking, hammocking and camping. We even got a glimpse of the fire that raged through Kern County earlier this month. These little get-aways are what keep our souls rejuvenated even during one of the busiest seasons of the year. And can't beat that enchanting summer light!

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